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Come discover a place to unwind and relax with a body wrap by Lady J.

The Benefits of PR1ME90

Packed with Moringa’s 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits. This low-calorie, low-fat blend delivers protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer and maximize metabolic benefits. Assists in post-workout recovery and promotes lean muscle development by replenishing your body’s energy supplies and rebuilding muscle fibers.

Facts About The Infrared Body Wrap

According to author Nikki Rajala, it is estimated that infrared heat wraps can burn up to 1,200 to 1,400 calories in a session by simply increasing the body's metabolism through gentle infrared heat application, which explains the attraction to this method of weight loss. Far-infrared energy is believed to break down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins in the body that block blood circulation and impair cellular functions. Exposure to far infrared waves can steadily circulate blood, removing blood vessel blockages and promoting proper oxygen distribution to the body. The comforting heat from an infrared body wrap increases skin temperature, causing fats and oils to "melt" out of the skin's sweat glands, along with the toxins stored in fat cells.

The History of the Body Wrap

In 1961, body wraps were introduced in the United States in spas and beauty salons after great success in Europe. For the next 10 years, body wraps gained popularity and worldwide acclaim with word of mouth and a surge of public advertising. Body wrap advertisements claimed that the herbal wraps were soaked in a special inorganic solution, only known to the manufacturer, and application could liquefy cellulite, taking inches off of the body in a matter of minutes. This quick fix to weight loss was readily accepted, and revenue soared for companies marketing and performing body wraps. Purpose of Body Wraps Body wraps are used to clear the skin of blemishes and wrinkles, reduce cellulite and inches and remove harmful toxins due to environmental issues and sun exposure. The process is done completely in the nude or with undergarments on and is supported by spas as a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Coupled with massage to increase blood flow, body wraps can prove to be relaxing indeed. The warmth of the bandages can indeed ease muscle tension and soreness, as heat is attributed with that certain ability.